31 March 2015

Stefan Frank is a photographer from Heidelberg, Germany. He studied at Ostkreuzschule, Berlin with Thomas Meyer and Sybille Fendt, and at Atelier Smedsby, Paris with JH Engstroem and Margot Wallard. 

His work has been exhibited on several occasions in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Heidelberg on wide-ranging topics as Europe (“Thy magic binds again”) and New Topography(“Of Unknown Territories”) or Time(“Chronophobia”).


Frankfurt, Oktober 2019: Von unbekannten Territorien, Buchvorstellung “A43/Südstr.”, Frankfurt Forum für Fotografie

Augsburg, Juli 2019

Berlin, April 2019: Deine Zauber binden wieder, “Chronophobia”, Behanien Haus

  • März 2017 o.T. “Der Aufenthalt!”: , Berlin, Bethanien Haus