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fcbk.gobbles_up SC: What’s next for SproutCore?!

I had an article in the making about some adventures in backbone, backbone_rails and coffeescript and what is missing from backbone and what SproutCore already has, when the news hit me that Strobe, the company that backs up SC has sold out to facebook. What does that mean? Good news? Bad news? No change at… Read more »

SproutCore vs. GWT vs. Cappuccino: The race is over, we have a winner

Some of you may remember, that we had a little shootout last summer, pitting three of the major AJAX-Frameworks against each other. Last year, we didn’t come up with a clear winner, but decided to go with what felt like the least risky one (GWT). Since then, lots of things have happened. I changed my… Read more »

GWT, Cappuccino, Sproutcore: AJAX-Framework-Shootout

How do you decide on a framework? Compare the features? This won’t help you too much, most of the time: You’re most likely not to need about 40% of the functionality in your project. And what’s even worse: You won’t know in advance, which of the features you really need in your project and which… Read more »