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Learning Mongoid: Short&Sweet

does anyone still remember, that books once came on paper? And they were heavy, usually never under 500pages and had intimidating titles that usually included the words “professional”, “complete guide”, or even “bible”. And they made you walk through the topic from the beginning of time, starting with Adam&Eve, not leaving out the abacus and… Read more »

Mongo3: Another MongoDB-Essential

Mongo3 is an awesome little sinatra-app that lets you peek into your mongoDB-Databases: A single configuration-file with all your cluster-nodes is needed to get you going: From there on you can just have a lot of fun with the very clever and good looking visualisations (using the JavaScript InfoVis-Toolkit of your database-contents. Just what I’ve… Read more »


If you have not been living under a stone the last half year, you must have heard of the NoSQL-Movement. While I am not the one to argue, that RDBMS will go away any time soon, there certainly are spots where NoSQL is a viable alternative to the traditional, tried and tested approach of mapping… Read more »