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SproutCore vs. GWT vs. Cappuccino: The race is over, we have a winner

Some of you may remember, that we had a little shootout last summer, pitting three of the major AJAX-Frameworks against each other. Last year, we didn’t come up with a clear winner, but decided to go with what felt like the least risky one (GWT). Since then, lots of things have happened. I changed my… Read more »

GWT, Cappuccino, Sproutcore: AJAX-Framework-Shootout

How do you decide on a framework? Compare the features? This won’t help you too much, most of the time: You’re most likely not to need about 40% of the functionality in your project. And what’s even worse: You won’t know in advance, which of the features you really need in your project and which… Read more »

What is so wrong with JavaScript?!

There seems to be a tendency to avoid javascript as a language and treat it more like a platform (same holds true for java, but for other reasons…) – what is so fundamentally wrong with javascript, that everybody tries to get around it? The most recent attempt in this line is the beautiful Cappuccino-Framework –… Read more »