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A Push-Button-ALM-Tool: Deploying, Customizing and Configuring Redmine

Intro Last year we’ve been working on an extensive redmine-customisation project: The goal of the project we did together with Method Park and Alere was to get a turn-key project-management solution based on Redmineto suppport alere’s Hard-/Software development teams. „Turn-key“ meaning: Start with a fresh, empty (virtual) machine, push a button (or, at most: two… Read more »

Roll out the RedCarpet: Macros for Markdown

Letting Users use WYSIWYG-Editors for writing content is usually a bad idea: We all start with good intentions, but sooner or later, this pseudo-html produces a great, ugly markup-mess (e.g. the living hell that Microsofts Word places on the Clipboard if you paste it into TinyMCE. That’s why we replaced all this nastiness with simpler… Read more »