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Screencasts on Speed: Destroy All Software

Last month was RailsCasts-Pro, this month we Destroy All Software: If you are taking you’re own education serious, you owe it to yourself to invest these 18$ into your future. And there is possibly nothing that can go wrong with that. Where Railscasts is covering mostly new tools, Gary Bernhardt from “Destroy All Software” is… Read more »

A Push-Button-ALM-Tool: Deploying, Customizing and Configuring Redmine

Intro Last year we’ve been working on an extensive redmine-customisation project: The goal of the project we did together with Method Park and Alere was to get a turn-key project-management solution based on Redmineto suppport alere’s Hard-/Software development teams. „Turn-key“ meaning: Start with a fresh, empty (virtual) machine, push a button (or, at most: two… Read more »

Working on the workflow: gitflow&prefix commit-messages for feature/story-branches/

You’re probably doing this already, when you’re working on a feature: adding the issue/feature/ticket-number to the commit-message – this handy little tip by Micha Kops makes this even easier, when you are using gitflow and name your feature-branches after your tickets: Creating Pre-Commit-Hooks in Git and Mercurial: Prefix Commit Messages for Feature/Story Branches Like this:Like… Read more »